Thoughts on the Existence of Ley Lines
Etching with Monotype
13" x 12"

Thoughts on the Existence of Ley Lines is an exploration of spatial time, place, and space. Inspired by Ulrika Sparre and Steingrimur Eyejord’s text “The Ley Line Project,” this body of work examines the theoretical energy lines that link disparate spaces and objects, and how these forces connect us with personal and collective history. A ley line is a theoretical energy path associated with the placement standing stones, labyrinths, and monoliths. When an object is placed along a ley line, it amplifies the magnetic force running underneath the earth, and connects it with a web of other sites. This body of work includes a collection of paper pulp sculptures that reflect the figures found in the prints. 

Paper pulp, crayon, powdered graphite, and newsprint
Variable Dimensions