On a Ley Line

Solo Exhibition at the Arts Council of the Southern Finger Lakes, Corning, NY 
October 29 - December 3, 2021

Artist Statement: 

Considering history, nostalgia, and place, my studio practice examines the connection between personal experience and collective history. Referencing geological monuments and the maps that might lead to them, I depict our attachments to landscape by extracting structures from the terrain to create new spaces and forms. Inspired by Ulrika Sparre and Steingrimur Eyejord’s text The Ley Line Project, the works in On a Ley Line consider the theory of the hypothetical magnetic pathways that link distant spaces and objects. Often associated with geological and ancient monuments, I am interested in how these unseen forces might connect us through space and time. If a place holds and emits energy, could it pull you there? Using a visual language built through mark making, I created 2D and 3D pieces through an intuitive process of layering and rubbing. These works reflect and connect to each other, the sculptures acting as a portal into the peculiar world of the etchings. Ultimately, this work is about relationships to place, whether intimate or distant, and reflects my fascination with how we connect with landscape throughout space and time.

This exhibition was accompanied by an 30-page risograph booklet. Printed by Vic Barquin in Fayetteville, AR. Full PDF available here

Paper pulp, crayon, powdered graphite, and newsprint
Variable Dimensions

Thoughts on the Existence of Ley Lines I - XVI 
Etching with Monotype
12" x 12", framed